This paper attempts to explore the manifestations of the forest in the lives of the Bateks who reside within the vast region of the Taman Negara National Park in Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia. Such manifestations emerged from the mutual relationship between the Bateks and their surroundings of the forest. In the Bateks belief system, there exist the concept of Lawad, Ye’ Yo’ and Tum Yap; all of which represent the Bateks’ unique way of giving value to the forest. Lawad, Ye’ Yo’ and Tum Yap are the manifestations of how the Bateks navigate themselves in the forest. The Bateks see that the forest represents a dynamic dimension which has to be calmed through good spirits and behavior because the physical environment is a medium for the spiritual world to express its feelings, thinking, decisions, and punishments. This belief is to them the best way in endearing themselves to the environment. To the Bateks, all concerns for the forest could be settled through this belief. Full paper [PDF-1] [PDF-2]

To cite this paper : Nurul Fatanah Kamarul Zahari, Mustaffa Omar and Salleh Daim (2011) Lawad, Ye’ Yo’ and Tum Yap : The manifestation of forest in the lives of the Bateks in Taman Negara National Park. Journal of ASIAN Behavioural Studies 1 (1), January, pp. 29-40