A wide range of interrelated events influence the learning outcomes of design students and their peers in architectural and design studies. The enrichment of the learning is closely related to the events that takes place, especially the socialisation process among the design peers. While the design peers are designing and interacting among themselves, they are also developing a hidden tacit culture of ‘designerly’ ways of thinking, knowing and doing’. This development is an integral part of their learning process. On this premise, an exploratory research study to establish the possible influential events within the design studio environment. A qualitative research was conducted by interviewing few architectural students. This finding reveals several insights that reinforce peer learning experiences to enhance the learning of design.

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To cite this paper: Ismail Shamsuddin, Fadzil Hassan, Masran Saruwono, Roshana Takim, and Zuhairusse Md Darus (2010) An Explatory Study on Peer Learning Experiences in the Architectural Design Studio.