Entrepreneurial approach in cities leads to changes in the nature of planning and urban development in a series of large-scale urban redevelopment projects. Further, entrepreneurialism is not limited only to large scale buildings. Hosting mega-event is extremely costly for cities. There is a current sports facilities construction boom universally. In addition, hosting sports events gain increasingly popularity and influence among cities. Cities vigorously compete to host sports mega-events because they perceive that doing so will enhance their image and stimulate their economics. Sport has the potential to generate substantial economic and social returns to local and regional government investment in the sports industry. On the other hand, all large-scale projects and mega-events, which require infrastructure investment, by public raise the same question which is concern, the 'multiplier' effects, its links and connections with the rest of the urban area, its social impact and its financial consequences. This paper provides a brief overview on entrepreneurialism and cities strategies for large-scale development. Further, sports facilities development, and different impacts of sports investments. Finally, it identifies the gap and address opportunities on the potential of sports facilities development and hosting events for cities. Full paper [pdf 1] [pdf 2]


To cite this paper: Maassoumeh Barghchi, Dasimah Omar and Mohd Salleh Aman (2009) Cities, Sports Facilities Development, and Hosting Events. European Journal of Social Sciences , Vol 10 (2), pp. 185-195