Problems associated to the performance, delivery and quality of product or services emanating from ineffective performance of the human resource in the Malaysian built environment are a continuing debate. Critics have been frequent in associating these shortcomings with inadequacies within the continuing professional development (CPD), education and training provisions offered to the human resource. This paper presents the investigations on the underpinning concepts of CPD), education and training which identify their differences and similarities. This was on the premise that understanding the similarities and differences are very important as they significantly influence how the technology is disseminated and roles that must be to be played by the parties responsible for their design and delivery. The findings suggest the need to understand similarities and differences in the application of the meanings of education, training and CPD are important; but more importantly, they must all be underpinned with learning. It is imperative that that the parties responsible for the education, training, learning, development must appreciate learning. This must be conceived collectively applied within the design and delivery to the provisions to be effective. Full paper [pdf 1] [pdf 2]

To cite this paperZuhairuse Md Darus, Fadzil Hassan, Noraziah Mohammad, Zulkiflee Samad, Fadhil Muhamad, Masran Saruwono and Zaidi Omar (2009b) Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Education and Training as Part of Technology for the Learning Process in Malaysian Built Environment. WSEAS TRANSACTIONS on ENVIRONMENT and DEVELOPMENT, Issue 3, Volume 5, March 2009, pp 283-294. ISSN: 1790-5079