The programme is modular based and each module comprises a complete study package. The full-time mode runs for one and a half year duration (3 semesters) and consists of thirteen compulsory modules to complete, including two elective courses. The normal academic semester covers a 17-week duration which includes 14 lecture weeks, a one-week mid-semester break, a one-week study-leave and a one-week examination.
The part-time mode extends to two years or four semesters.


  • Graduates with honours in Estate Management / Valuation / Land Economy, or graduates of any other disciplines who are interested to pursue a career in Property Investment and with working experience in relavant fields.Candidates have to complete 42 credits and pass all exams with at least grade B.



EMT 715  Urban Land and Regional Economics
EMT 734  Managerial Accounting
EMT 711  Investment Analysis
EMT 713  Investment Market
EMT 714  Property Marketing
EMT 731  Property Investment Analysis
EMT 732  Corporate Property Assets Management
EMT 733  Corporate Finance
EMT 760  Dissertation
EMT 763  Development Appraisal and Financing
EMT 765  Portfolio Management
EMT 790  Information Technology and Quantitative Methods
EMT 796  Human Resource Management
EMT 797  Corporate Strategy Management and Organisational Behaviour
 Total Credit Hours: 42


Mode                                       : Full time / Part time
Duration                                  : 1 1/2 years / 2 years
No. of Semester                       : 2 / 4
No. of Modules to complete       : 13
No. of Modules / Semester    


Full Time                                 : 4 to 5 modules in each semester

Part Time                                : 3 to 4 modules in each semester